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Metal Education

Gold is a very durable & timeless metal. Jewelers throughout the world & ages have preferred gold for its lustrous beauty and ease with which it can be crafted into timeless designs. It is often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength and also to produce a variety of colors. The most common colors are rose & white gold besides yellow. Pure 24K gold is too soft for making jewelry & therefore we at Zayn Jewels manufacture our jewelry in 18K or 14K gold. You will see markings such as 750 that is equal to 18k and 585 which is equal to 14K on our rings. We highly recommend 18K as it contains more precious metal than 14K gold & thus has richer gold color. 18K gold is more durable than both 22K and 24K gold.

White Gold
White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metal such as nickel. To give white gold a brilliant white luster, it is rhodium plated. Rhodium is a shiny white metal which is extremely hard & durable. However, rhodium plated jewelry needs to be re-plated after 12 to 18 months depending on wear.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is made from a gold & copper alloy, 18k rose gold contains 75% gold, 14K gold contains 58% gold. The remaining percentage is made up of copper & silver. The varying percentage of copper determines the color of the gold. More copper that is used stronger the rose color.

  • 24K = 100% Gold
  • 22K = 91.7% Gold
  • 18K = 75.0% Gold
  • 14K = 58.3% Gold
  • 10K = 41.7% Gold

Both 24 & 22 Karat are considered too soft for jewelry 18K & 14K are both ideal for jewelry.
Gold jewelry pricing is dependent on karat weight, the market value of gold, level of craftsmanship and the design of each jewelry.


  • Gold jewelry should be cleaned with a solution of warm water and detergent free soap.
  • It should be rubbed with a soft-bristled brush & then wiped with soft lint free cloth.
  • When not in use store in soft cloth bags or the original box.
  • Remove your jewelry during rugged activities to avoid wear & tear.

Platinum is one of the most popular metals for engagement & wedding rings. Platinum enhances the sparkle of the diamond & its sheen or shine never fades or changes color. This metal is heavier then gold and hence a consumer has to pay two times more for a platinum ring than its gold counterpart. All our platinum rings are marked 950 purity (95% pure). Due to its purity, Platinum is ideal for those with sensitive skin as Platinum is hypoallergenic. It is a perfect choice for everyday wear. It is more durable than other metals.


  • It is easy to take care of platinum jewelry.
  • Soak in warm soapy water & scrub it with soft bristled brush.
  • Store your jewelry in fabric lined boxes.

Silver is a precious shiny greyish- white metal it is very malleable & ductile, and is easy to work with. It is alloyed with other metals to increase its toughness & durability.

Silver Jewelry ornaments are traditionally made from sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver & the remainder 7.5% other metals usually copper. Sterling silver is usually engraved with letter 925, which indicates that it is 92.5% silver. The price of silver item is determined by the labor involved in making the item and the intricacy of the design, and market value of silver.

Silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry. But we often neglect our silver jewelry because it tarnishes easily. The Purity of the metal, for instance, determines how malleable the silver is and how quickly it will tarnish. 950 sterling silver will bend more easily & tarnish more quickly than 925serling silver because of its increased purity.


You can avoid tarnish by wearing your jewelry often. The oils in your skin will “Clean” the silver & keep it looking shiny.

Avoid Exposure
Remove silver jewelry when doing household chores. Direct sunlight also causes silver to tarnish, so be sure to take off your silver jewelry before you go swimming & sunbathing.

Store Silver in airtight plastic bags. Do not store multiple jewelry pieces in the same bag.

Use a soft cloth to polish your silver, make a paste of baking soda & water and rub it gently to remove the tarnish. Expensive pieces should be taken to a professional cleaner.

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